Notice: The February, 2024 meeting of the City Council will be held on Monday, February 5th at 6 p.m. rather than on February 12th.

DDA Minutes

1.             CALL MEETING TO ORDER

Chairman Hillman called the meeting to order at 1:17pm.


2.             ROLL CALL


Curt Hillman, Chairman

Kim Hadd, DDA Member

Terri Marx, DDA Member

Aggie Mitrzyk, Secretary

Keith Sivier, DDA Member



Kevin King, Mayor

Ruth Caldwell, Vice Chairman

Sue Stein, DDA Member

Dana Wiltse, DDA Member



Michael Moran, City Manager

Janice Cuttitta, Administrative Assistant


3.             PUBLIC COMMENTS



4.             APPROVAL OF AGENDA


5.             APPROVAL OF MINUTES

Motion by DDA Member Marx, seconded by DDA Member Mitrzyk to approve the minutes of the regular DDA meeting on January 13, 2009.  All yeas, motion carried.



                Motion by DDA Member Sivier, seconded by DDA Member Hadd to approve the Financial            Report.  All yeas, motion carried.



                A.  Arenac Heritage Route Authority Update

                Chairman Hillman discussed Depot Days being held the second week-end of October.

                He indicated there will be a train this year and passengers will be able to board right at the Depot.  Discussion was also held regarding the upcoming Diamonds and Denim Dinner.


                B.  Grant Update

                Discussion was held regarding the status of past and present grants.




8.             NEW BUSINESS

                A.  2009-2010 Grant  Program

                It was the consensus of the DDA to keep the guidelines for this year’s Grant Program, the same as                 last year.  All applications must be submitted with good quotes in order to be considered and all              deadlines must be met.


9.             OTHER BUSINESS

                City Manager Moran gave an update regarding City business.  Discussion was also held regarding the corner of Main Street and Cedar Street being so dark at night.  The City Manager will look into      that.



        With nothing further to come before the DDA, Chairman Hillman adjourned the meeting at            2:02pm.



Janice Cuttitta

Recording Secretary

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